Thursday, August 28, 2014



Sung Ordinary of the Mass and Alleluia: same as previous few weeks.
Starting Friday, September 5 (First Friday), we will use Holy Angels Mass (the laminated card inside the book rack in the pews) for all of the sung Ordinary.  More on that Mass setting in next week's post.  We have sung the Gloria from the laminated card sporadically over the last couple of months.

All numbers given are in the red Worship hymnal.

Entrance hymn: When morning gilds the skies, #675 (Listen)

Psalm 63: My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord, my God, music by Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB
- Some may have heard this setting sung at a funeral Mass here and there.

Offertory hymn: Take up your cross, the Savior said, #634

Communion anthem: Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All, music by Mother Alexis Donnelly, RSM

Meditation hymn: Omitted this weekend, due to speaker after Communion

Recessional hymn: Lift high the cross, #704


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SUNDAY XXI (of Ordered Time)


Sung Ordinary of the Mass: same as the previous few Sundays, that is, Holy Angels Mass (the Gloria, when sung, and the Memorial Acclamation "We proclaim your death, O Lord") and Heritage Mass (the Sanctus, the Amen, and the Agnus Dei)
The Alleluia will also be the same.
This pattern will continue for two more weeks.

Entrance hymn: Christ is made the sure foundation, Worship #617 (Listen)
- The listen link is a nifty arrangement performed at a concert at St. James the Greater Church in Charles Town (not Charleston), West Virginia.  Believe it or not, it's a church that was built in 2006, living proof that yes, there are a couple of people left who still know how to build nice-looking churches.  The music director is Gary Penkala, founder of CanticaNOVA Publications, where my own original tune for Rowland Hill's All Saints hymn Around the throne, a glorious band is published.

Psalm 138: Lord, your love is eternal; do not forsake the work of your hands, music by Richard Proulx (response) and Pére Joseph Gelineau, SJ (versicles), Worship #925

Offertory hymn: O Christ, the great foundation, Worship #618
- An altered version of the familiar hymn The Church's one foundation.

Communion anthem: He comes to us as one unknown, music by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
- Another anthem we did three weeks ago, Dear Lord and Father of mankind, uses the same tune as the anthem for this Sunday.  In this piece, however, you may follow and sing along if you wish, as it is in the Worship hymnal, #573.

Meditation hymn: Soul of my Savior, Missalette, #41 (Listen)

Recessional hymn: Go, make of all disciples, Worship #628
- Same tune as The day of Resurrection, which is one of our Easter regulars.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Seven Masses in four days!

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (a holy day of obligation):
Thursday VIII-14 at 6 PM; Friday VIII-15 at 9 AM and 7 PM.

Parish Feast honoring SS. Pietro Martire and Dominico Abate of Fornelli:
Saturday VIII-16 at 5 PM (Readings are for Sunday XX) (Brass will be on hand!)

Sunday XX: Sunday VIII-17 at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM


Sung Ordinary of the Mass for all Assumption Masses and the three Sunday morning Masses are the same as we've been doing for the past few weeks.
Sung Ordinary of the Mass for the Saturday Mass (Parish Feast) will be Missa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe", which we normally do during the June solemnities and the last few weeks of the Year (November).
The Alleluia for all Masses is the same throughout as the last few weeks.

Numbers given on all days are in the red Worship hymnal.

ASSUMPTION (Thursday/Friday):

Entrance hymn: Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, #702
Psalm 45: The queen stands at your right hand, arrayed in gold, music by yours truly
Offertory hymn: O Sanctissima, #712
Communion anthem: Ave Maria, music by Franz Schubert (solo: Elaine)
Meditation hymn: Salve Regina, #703
Recessional hymn: Ye watchers and ye holy ones, #707

PARISH FEAST (Saturday):

Entrance hymn: For all the saints, #705
Psalm 67: O God, let all the nations praise you, music by Owen Alstott (as written in missalette)
Offertory hymn: By all your saints still striving, #706
- same tune as All glory, laud, and honor, a staple on Palm Sunday.
Communion anthem: I cieli immensi, music by Benedetto Marcello
- based on Psalm 19 (The heavens declare the glory of God...)
Meditation hymn: Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All, #488
Recessional hymn: Holy God, we praise thy Name, #524

SUNDAY XX (Sunday Morning):

Entrance hymn: Praise, my soul, the King of heaven, #530
Psalm 67: same as Saturday, above
Offertory hymn: Your hands, O Lord, in days of old, #750
Communion anthem: I cieli immensi, music by Benedetto Marcello
Meditation hymn: How good the Name of Jesus sounds, #610 (Listen)
Recessional hymn: How shall they hear the word of God, #629 (Listen)


Monday, August 4, 2014

SUNDAY XIX (and an absent organist)

This weekend, I am taking my first vacation in two years.  No, I was not refused one last year.  I had a lot on my personal plate, so vacation time was not even a thought, so that was my option.  This year, I am taking one.

However, you will not be without music.  This weekend, we welcome Eden Casteel to the organ bench.  Eden has done many things (and still does many things) in both sacred and secular music.  She sings (coloratura soprano), plays piano and organ, she is also a librettist (those who are free should check out her  musical series Quonnie, which she wrote and directs).  She teaches in both sacred (including Royal School of Church Music, Newport RI) and secular venues, and has filled in for organists in several Protestant and Catholic churches in the area.  She is well-versed in Catholic liturgy and is familiar with both of our hymnals.  In fact, I heard her rehearsing with our singers Elaine and Kate after the 11:15 Mass this past weekend.  You'll like what you'll hear.  But sing along, too, as you usually do.  (By the way, the past couple of weekends has seen more livelier singing from the pews than normal, in both the Mass and the hymns.  Keep up the great work!)


The Mass Ordinary and Alleluia will be what we've been doing the throughout July.  It will be the same through most of August as well (the only exception being the Italian Feast on the 16th).

Today's hymns are from the Maroon hymnal.

Entrance hymn: O God, our help in ages past, #289
Psalm 85: Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation, music by Joseph Gelineau (versicles) and J. Robert Carroll (response).  (You can follow in Worship, #919.)
Offertory hymn: Abide with me, #467
Communion anthem: Laudamus Te, from the Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi (the piece I got to hear after the 11:15 Mass)
Meditation hymn: I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew, #405
Recessional hymn: O Jesus, I have promised, #570, second tune

I'll be back for the Assumption Masses (August 14-15), and for any funerals (except Saturday the 9th) which may fall in the interim.