Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Past, Present, and Future

Mea maxima culpa!  I forgot to post last weekend's hymnody (including First Friday).  So, here we go...

The Past (First Friday/St. Agatha and Sunday V)
The Present (Sunday VI)
The Future (Ash Wednesday and Stations of the Cross)


ORDINARY OF THE MASS (up through this coming weekend, Sunday VI):

Gloria: Holy Angels Mass (BMP) (PDF) or said (omitted on First Friday)
Sanctus, Amen,and Agnus Dei: Heritage Mass (Owen Alstott)
Memorial Acclamation: We proclaim your death... from Holy Angels Mass (BMP) (PDF)

ALLELUIA I for Ordinary Time (BMP) (First Friday and Sunday V)
ALLELUIA "Adoremus in Aeternum" (BMP) (Sunday VI) (PDF)

The rest...

Sacred Heart Community Mass (First Friday)
Memorial of St. Agatha

Friday, II-5, at 6 PM

O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine (traditional)
Psalm 31: Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my spirit (BMP)
In the cross of Christ I glory ("Charlestown")
Pange lingua gloriosi (Mode III)
Jesu, the Virgin's Son ("Wareham")

Sunday V through the Year
Saturday, II-6, at 5 PM; Sunday, II-7, at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Fight the good fight ("Mendon")
Psalm 147: Praise the Lord who heals the brokenhearted (Sam Schmitt)
O Love, how deep, how broad, how high ("Deus Tuorum Militum")
Communion: Psalm 34: A power came out from him which healed them all (BMP)
Take my life and let it be ("Hollingside")
Jesus shall reign ("Duke Street")

Sunday VI through the Year
Saturday, II-13, at 5 PM; Sunday, II-14, at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Ye watchers and ye holy ones ("Lasst uns Erfreuen")
Psalm 32: I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation (BMP) (PDF)
Tell out my soul ("Woodlands")
Communion: Psalm 78: They ate, and they were fully satisfied (BMP) (PDF)
I sought the Lord ("Artavia")
O praise ye the Lord ("Laudate Dominum")

Ash Wednesday
Wednesday, II-17, at 9 AM, 12 Noon, and 7 PM


Kyrie: Messa Popolare "Laus Tibi Christe" (Caudana)
Sanctus and Agnus Dei XVIII
Memorial Acclamation: Save us, Savior of the world... (ICEL chant)
Amen: adapted from Sanctus VIII

Gospel Acclamation "Vexilla Regis" (BMP) (PDF)

The rest:

Lord, who throughout these forty days ("St. Flavian")
Psalm 51: Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned (C. Alexander Peloquin)
Our Father, we have wandered ("Passion Chorale")
- NOTE: same tune as "O sacred Head, surrounded"
Attende, Domine (Mode V)
During the Imposition of Ashes: Parce Domine (setting by BMP or Fr. Carlo Rossini, depending on singers' availability)

Quod scripsi, scripsi!