Thursday, December 27, 2012


Music is an important part to the liturgical life of Catholics.  The Mass, as we know it today, as we knew it in 1962, and even as it was known centuries ago, is not without some form of song.  We sing from the rich treasury of hymns, anthems, and motets in English and in Latin (and for those who were able to catch our prelude before the Christmas Masses, we even did a couple in Italian).  This is a practice some of us musicians like to simply call "singing at Mass".

We also do something even more important that simply "singing at Mass", and that is "singing the Mass".  We sing the Gloria during Easter and Christmas seasons, and on other high occasions.  We sing the Kyrie during Lent.  We sing the Sanctus, the Mystery of Faith, the Amen (which concludes the Eucharistic Prayer), and the Agnus Dei at all our weekend Masses, and any other Masses at which the organ is played.

The purpose of this blog is multi-fold.  Not only will I post the music list for Sunday's Masses at Sacred Heart Church, but we will also give some descriptions and other helps to those who are trying to familiarize themselves with the music at our parish.  It is my hope that many, especially the parishioners of Sacred Heart, will benefit from these postings that will follow.

Brian Michael Page
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI