Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Well, due to the snowstorm, the putting away of the "A-word" with a bang didn't happen.  Let's pray we have no snow.  In fact, I for one would hope this region will give up snow for Lent.

First Sunday of Lent
Saturday II-21 at 5 PM; Sunday II-22 at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Sung Ordinary of the Mass (much of this is quite familiar at this point):
- Kyrie: Messa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe", music by Federico Caudana
- Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII (the simple chants we normally use in Advent and Lent)
- Memorial Acclamation: Save us, Savior of the world, for by your cross and resurrection you have set us free.  Music is a chant melody adapted from that of the Latin counterpart, Salvator mundi, salva nos as a set of chants compiled by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy (which we musicians often refer to simply as "The ICEL Chants") upon creating the translation of Holy Mass that we use today.  We introduced this for Lent last year, but here is a reminder of how to sing it.
- Amen: based on the beginning of the Sanctus of Mass VIII

Gospel Acclamation: Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, based on the Mode I Vexilla Regis, adapted by yours truly
- By the way, notice that I don't list the Gospel Acclamation (or the "A-word" outside of Lent and Passiontide) as part of the Ordinary of the Mass.  Many composers, since around the mid 1970's, when writing a Mass Ordinary setting, tend to add an Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation to the Ordinary, and oftentimes with a universal versicle or a few "seasonal versicles" (often which don't even line up with the Scripture of the day).  I, too, as recent as 2000, got lured into that habit (though I didn't write versicles, just a Psalm tone to sing the appointed versicle to).  In all actuality, the Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation has an assigned versicle for each Sunday and feast, thus making it a Mass Proper and not part of the Mass Ordinary (the Ordinary has a fixed text for every Mass, while the Proper varies from day to day).

All numbers (unless noted) are in the Maroon hymnal.

Entrance hymn: Praise to the Holiest in the height, #343, first tune
Psalm 25: Your ways, O Lord, are love and truth to those who keep your covenant, music by J. Robert Carroll (response) and Joseph Gelineau, SJ (versicles), Worship #788
Offertory hymn: Lord, who throughout these forty days, #59
Communion anthem: My song is love unknown, music by John Ireland
- Though being sung as a choir anthem, you may join in - Worship #439
Meditation hymn: When I survey the wondrous cross, #337
Recessional hymn: Jesus, Name all names above, #342

Stations of the Cross
Tuesdays in Lent and Passiontide at 6:30 PM
February 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31

Click here for format and music.  Also, note the time change.  The link is to last year's format, which is the same except for the time.  The time this year is 6:30 PM.