Wednesday, July 8, 2015


On my composer blog, Christus Vincit Music, I wrote a primer on Roman numerals that might interest some, as I have a tendency of using Roman numerals for dates and feasts.

So, without further ado...


Sung Ordinary of the Mass:
- Gloria (if sung): Mass VIII (Latin)
- Sanctus through Agnus Dei: Community Mass, music by Richard Proulx (English)
Alleluia: music by Theodore Marier

Numbers given are in the red Worship hymnal.

Entrance hymn: Christ is made the sure foundation, #617
Psalm 85: Lord, let us see your kindness, and grant us your salvation, music by yours truly
Offertory hymn: Go, make of all disciples, #628
Communion anthem: To you I lift my soul, text based on Psalm 25 by John Dunn (Theodore Marier's assistant, and later successor, at the St. Paul Choir School in Cambridge, MA; Dunn was later succeeded by the current music director and headmaster, John Robinson), music by John Ireland
Meditation hymn: How shall they hear the word of God, #629 (Listen)
Recessional hymn: Christ is the King, #500