Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Nativity of St. John the Baptist (this Sunday!)

This Sunday, June 24, is the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.  Because it is a Solemnity in "Ordinary Time", it will trump the normally numbered Sunday of the Year (in this case, the 12th Sunday, or "Sunday XII").  In two of our hymns this weekend we will recall John the Baptist proclaiming the forthcoming Christ.


Ordinary of the Mass: Laus Tibi Christe (Federico Caudana)
Next week, we switch to English settings for July-October.

Entrance hymn: Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding (Maroon hymnal, #9)
Psalm 71 (Saturday): Since my mother's womb, you have been my strength (Sam Schmitt) (PDF)
Psalm 139 (Sunday): I praise you, for I am wonderfully made (BMP) (PDF)
Alleluia Pange Lingua (BMP) (PDF)
Offertory hymn: On Jordan's bank (Maroon hymnal, #10)
Communion music:
- (with singers): Jesu, Dulcis Memoria (Mode I / Cologne, arr. Theodore Marier) (alternating tunes)
- (w/o singers): You, O child, will be called the Prophet of the Most High (BMP) (PDF)
Meditation hymn: I sought the Lord (Maroon hymnal, #405)
Recessional hymn: For all the saints (Maroon hymnal, #126, first tune)

Quod scripsi, scripsi!