Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sunday XXVI


Gloria: recited or Holy Angels Mass (BMP)
Sanctus through Agnus: A Community Mass (Richard Proulx)

Alleluia: Dom A.G. Murray, OSB

The rest:
Entrance hymn: Christ the fair glory (Maroon hymnal, #123, second tune) (Listen)
Psalm 146: R./ Praise the Lord, my soul (BMP) (PDF)
Offertory hymn: Hark, hark my soul (Maroon hymnal, #472) (Listen)
Communion music:
- (11:15) O Sacrum Convivium (Remondi)
- (all others) R./ Remember your word to your servant, O Lord (Bartlett)
Meditation hymn: Hymn to St. Michael (Michael, Archangel blest) (on sheets provided) (Listen)
- The link gives you the text, which is based on the familiar Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.  The tune is that of "Come, Christians, join to sing".  The listen link will give you the melody, while the title link will give you the text.
Recessional hymn: Soon may the last glad song arise (Maroon hymnal, #600)
- same tune as "Rejoice, the Lord is King"

Quod scripsi, scripsi!