Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Thursday V-29-14
Masses at 9 AM and 7 PM
(plus a 10 AM Funeral Mass)

Numbers given are in the red Worship hymnal.

Sung Ordinary of the Mass: same as the previous six Sundays, that is, the Missa Cristo Risusciti by Luigi Picchi (1899-1970), based on the hymn tune known in German as Christ ist Erstanden and in Latin as Surgit in Haec Dies.

Alleluia: also the same as the previous six Sundays, that is, the Alleluia from the Mode II Easter chant known in Latin as O Filii et Filiae and in English as O Sons and Daughters.

Now for the music not so common to the previous Sundays/Feasts:

Entrance hymn: Hail the day that sees him rise, #471 (Listen)
- The listen link given today comes from St. Michael Church in Stillwater, Minnesota, which has used (on numerous occasions) the Gloria from Holy Angels Mass, which I wrote in 2011.

Psalm 47: God mounts his throne to shouts of joy; a blare of trumpets for the Lord, music by Robert Kreutz (response) and Joseph Gelineau, SJ (versicles).

Offertory hymn: Crown him with many crowns, #496

Communion anthem: Christus Vincit, music by yours truly
- Related note: I did a podcast back in 2006 in which the featured topic was "The Evolution of Christus Vincit", which went from an Ambrosian chant to a metrical Vatican rendition to the setting we are using this day, which I wrote in 1999.

Meditation hymn: Regina Caeli, #443

Recessional hymn: Go, make of all disciples, #628


All same as above except:

Psalm 27: I believe that I shall see the good things of the Lord in the land of the living, music by Columba Kelly, OSB (antiphon) and Joseph Gelineau, SJ (versicles)
- Side Note: Fr. Columba Kelly is a Benedictine from the St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, Indiana.  Many of Fr. Kelly's compositions (along with those of fellow Benedictine Br. Tobias Colgan) are based on, or at least emulate, Gregorian chant.

Recessional hymn: Come, Holy Ghost, #482