Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SUNDAY XXXIII (of Ordered Time) / XXIII (after Pentecost)

Back to the sequence of numbered Sundays of the Year (Ordinary Form) and after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form).  In just two weeks from this Sunday, we'll be approaching Advent.


I just finished putting my binder together for the Masses of Christmas.  This year, as part of our 20-minute prelude before each Mass, we'll be singing, not one, not two, but THREE songs in Italian.  Two of them may be familiar to a good number of you (Tu scendi dalle stelle and Bel Bambino).  The third one I am trying my hand at for the first time, and I like the way it sounds (I think you will, too).  It's called La Pastorale di Couperin.  The composer's name eludes me (my music is in the trunk of my car as I write this).  We will also be doing one song in Latin (Tollite Hostias by Camille Saint-Saëns), and one in English (Coventry Carol, arrangement from The Oxford Book of Carols).  We end the prelude with a French piece as organ and brass come together to perform Noël Suisse by Louis-Claude Daquin.

So now, without further ado...


Sunday XXXIII of Ordered Time (Ordinary Form)
Sat. 5 PM / Sun. 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM 
Sung Ordinary of the Mass and Alleluia: same as last weekend.
Numbers given are in the Maroon hymnal ("The Hymnal").

Entrance hymn: Rejoice, rejoice, believers, #4 (Listen)
Psalm 128: Blessed are those who fear the Lord, music by Richard Rice
Offertory hymn: Wake, awake, for night is flying, #3 (Listen)
Communion anthem: God of Gods, we sound his praises, tune: In Babilone
- In Babilone, a hymn tune of Dutch origin, is a commonly-used tune for the hymns There's a wideness in God's mercy and See, the conqu'ror mounts in triumph.  The text, a 1970 paraphrase by Timothy Dudley-Smith, comes from the Latin Te Deum Laudamus.
Meditation hymn: Jesus, Son of Mary, #223
Recessional hymn: Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates, #484

Sunday XXIII after Pentecost (Extraordinary Form)
Sun. 12:30 PM (Low Mass)

Numbers given are in the Red "Worship" hymnal.
Entrance hymn: O God, our help in ages past, #579
Offertory: organ improvisation on theme TBD
Communion hymn: Adoro Te devote, Chant, Mode V
Recessional hymn: Your hands, O Lord, in days of old, #750