Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sunday XXVI


Mass Ordinary:
Gloria: recited or Holy Angels Mass (BMP)
Sanctus: A Community Mass (Richard Proulx)
Memorial Acclamation C: Holy Angels Mass (BMP)
Amen and Agnus Dei: A Community Mass (Richard Proulx)

Psalm 146: R./ Praise the Lord, my soul (BMP) (PDF)
Alleluia: Robert Twynham

Prelude: Improvisation on Leoni
- Leoni is the tune name for this weekend's offertory hymn, The God of Abraham Praise.  A good practice, when a hymn is, or at least appears to be, new to a congregation, is for the organist to incorporate the tune and variations thereof into the prelude.  Those listening will then get somewhat of an idea of what the hymn sounds like when it's actually sung.  This practice is especially good in Catholic parishes, as only part of a hymn verse is often used as an introduction, unlike most Protestant churches where the entire verse is used as an introduction.
Elevations and Postlude: "Homage à Stanford" (improvisations based on Charles Villiers Stanford's Psalm Tone VIII-based Psalm 150) 

Hymns, etc.
To the Name of our salvation, Maroon hymnal, #326
The God of Abraham praise, Maroon hymnal, #285, first tune (Listen)
- In this listen link, the hymn begins at around the 1:25 mark.  In this hymn, you'll notice the three-syllable name "Abraham" is poetically condensed to two syllables, usually rendered "Abram".
O Sacrum Convivium (Roberto Remondi)
I need thee every hour, Maroon hymnal, #438, first tune
Soon may the last glad song arise, Maroon hymnal, #539, second tune
- The more familiar Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates is also sung to this tune.