Monday, March 25, 2013


7 PM; III-28-13


Numbers listed are from the red Worship hymnal.

Entrance hymn: 704 Lift high the cross

Gloria: Messa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe", music by Federico Caudana
- part of the Mass setting we did back in November

Responsorial Psalm: Our blessing cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ, music by yours truly

Gospel Acclamation: same as during Lent

Offertory hymn: 733 At that first Eucharist (Listen)

Sanctus through Agnus Dei: same as on the Sundays of Lent

- 1. Adoro Te, O Panis Caelice, music from Louvain, Belgium
- - Prose translation: I adore Thee, O Bread of Heaven, O Lord, O God Most High.  Holy, holy, holy, holy without end, For ever be glory to Thee in the Sacred Host.  Remember us, Thy servants, O Lord, and always feed us by Thy grace.  (Holy, holy...Sacred Host).  
- 2. Ecce Panis Angelorum, 17th century melody, arranged by Fr. Carlo Rossini
- - Prose translation: Behold the Bread of Angels, made the Food of wayfarers, Truly the bread of children, not to be given to the dogs.  Good shepherd, true Bread, Jesus, have mercy on us: Feed us, protect us, Make us to see good things in the land of the living.

There is no meditation hymn.

Solemn Translation (Transfer) of the Holy Eucharist: Pange Lingua, music by Fr. Carlo Rossini
- - You may use the Worship hymnal (#813) for the text (however, the music is different than what is written).  There is a translation with it.

There is no recessional hymn.  All depart in silence, or even better, spend some time with our Eucharistic Lord in Adoration, which will run until 10 PM.