Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our two saints from the hometown of Fornelli are feasted this Saturday at the 5:00 PM Mass - San Pietro Martire and San Domenico Abate.  Our brass trio will be on hand for this Mass.

Speaking of our brass trio, please send up a prayer, or two, or three, for our retiring second trumpeter and flugelhornist, Mr. Chris Lawson.  He is experiencing some pretty bad dental problems, and those can have a great effect on the playing of any instrument by mouth.  His replacement this Saturday will be Mr. Alphonse (Al) Testa.  I'm hoping he works out to the point where he will be a keeper. ;)

There are two distinct music lists this weekend, one for the 5:00 Mass on Saturday (the parish feast), and one for the three Sunday Masses (Sunday XX of Ordered Time).

The Propers (readings, prayers, and Psalm) for the parish feast are still those appointed for the Sunday.  Only the hymns, anthems, and music for the Mass Ordinary will differ.


Saturday VIII-17-13: Parish Feast

Entrance hymn: Worship 547 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Gloria: Missa "Te Deum Laudamus", music by Lorenzo Perosi
- This is a two-part choral setting that we used at the 11:15 AM Mass on June 30, at which we honored SS. Peter and Paul.

Responsorial Psalm: Lord, come to my aid, music by Owen Alstott
- music found in missalette under "August 18".

Alleluia: music by Owen Alstott (the same as we've done the past few weeks)

Offertory anthem: Cor Jesu Trinitatis, sung to an altered form of the tune Gott soll Gepriesen.  
- Those who have attended First Friday Masses have heard this before.  Has a nice little trumpet descant penned by yours truly.  (sung in Latin)

Sanctus through Agnus Dei: Messa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe", music by Federico Caudana
- the setting we used throughout the month of June.

Communion anthem: I Cieli Immensi, by Benedetto Marcello (sung in Italian)

Meditation hymn: Worship 488 Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All 

Recessional hymn: Worship 524 Holy God, we praise Thy Name, arranged by yours truly

Sunday VIII-18-13: Sunday XX

Entrance hymn: Worship 558 Father, we thank thee who hast planted (Listen)

Gloria: recited, or Mass VIII (Father's discretion)
- For those who attended the 9 AM or 7 PM Mass this Thursday past for the Assumption, Mass VIII is the Gloria we sang.

Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia: same as the parish feast, listed above

Offertory hymn: Worship 813 Hail, our Savior's glorious body (sung in English) (Listen)
- This is the Mode III chant tune that is most common for Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi, one of the beloved Eucharistic hymns written by St. Thomas Aquinas.  The last two verses of this hymn is the Tantum Ergo.

Sanctus through Agnus Dei: A Community Mass, music by Richard Proulx
- the setting we've been using throughout July and August (with the exception of this Saturday)

Communion anthemI Cieli Immensi, by Benedetto Marcello (sung in Italian)

Meditation anthemPanis Angelicus, music by Pére Louis Lambillotte, SJ
- THREE LITTLE FACTOIDS: 1) This is another one of those texts given to us by St. Thomas Aquinas.  2) Just like the Tantum Ergo is the end of the Pange Lingua, the Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels) is the end of another hymn, Sacriis Solemniis (At our solemn Feast).  3) The French Jesuit Fr. Lambillotte, who gave us the music we're singing for the Panis Angelicus this Sunday, is the same priest who wrote the music for two other well-known hymns: On this day, O beautiful Mother, and Come, Holy Ghost.

Recessional hymn: Worship 520 All creatures of our God and King