Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SUNDAY XXI (of Ordered Time)


Sung Ordinary of the Mass: same as the previous few Sundays, that is, Holy Angels Mass (the Gloria, when sung, and the Memorial Acclamation "We proclaim your death, O Lord") and Heritage Mass (the Sanctus, the Amen, and the Agnus Dei)
The Alleluia will also be the same.
This pattern will continue for two more weeks.

Entrance hymn: Christ is made the sure foundation, Worship #617 (Listen)
- The listen link is a nifty arrangement performed at a concert at St. James the Greater Church in Charles Town (not Charleston), West Virginia.  Believe it or not, it's a church that was built in 2006, living proof that yes, there are a couple of people left who still know how to build nice-looking churches.  The music director is Gary Penkala, founder of CanticaNOVA Publications, where my own original tune for Rowland Hill's All Saints hymn Around the throne, a glorious band is published.

Psalm 138: Lord, your love is eternal; do not forsake the work of your hands, music by Richard Proulx (response) and Pére Joseph Gelineau, SJ (versicles), Worship #925

Offertory hymn: O Christ, the great foundation, Worship #618
- An altered version of the familiar hymn The Church's one foundation.

Communion anthem: He comes to us as one unknown, music by Charles Hubert Hastings Parry
- Another anthem we did three weeks ago, Dear Lord and Father of mankind, uses the same tune as the anthem for this Sunday.  In this piece, however, you may follow and sing along if you wish, as it is in the Worship hymnal, #573.

Meditation hymn: Soul of my Savior, Missalette, #41 (Listen)

Recessional hymn: Go, make of all disciples, Worship #628
- Same tune as The day of Resurrection, which is one of our Easter regulars.